Purpose of Establishment

We contribute to further development and improvement of a better society

About transcosmos foundation

Our foundation was established on November 26, 1991 by Mr. Koki Okuda, founder of transcosmos inc. (listed on TSE First Section) that develops IT outsourcing business, and contributed personal property to the foundation "Incorporated foundation Okuda ikueikaiā€¯ is the predecessor organization. Mainly lent scholarship to students from Wakayama prefecture. On December 1st, 2008, due to the enforcement of the three laws related to public offer corporation system reform, April 1st, 2011 changed the name of "Okuda ikueikai" to "Public offer foundation Okuda ikueikai" we have mainly conducted scholarship offer programs and donated books to schools.
In the end of March 2017, we changed the name to "transcosmos foundation" and transferred the office to Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Not only in Wakayama prefecture but also in whole country we aim for further expansion and enhancement of public utility programs and are committed to contributing to society, for the purpose of further development and improvement of better society, such as promotion services for the field of academic and scientific technologies, scholarship offer program, global human resource development subsidy program.

Below is prospectus for "Incorporated foundation Okuda ikueikai" when it established.

Prospectus for Establishment

The 20th century has made remarkable progress in the field of science and has contributed great culture and technology to human society. Currently, it is an era when so many people are liberated from disease and poverty, and are stepping forward one step at a time to a fruitful society. Today, just nine years is left till the 21st century, a symbol of the brilliant "future", harmonious progress and development, especially with science technology and the social environment, is very desirable.

In realizing this, how important it is to bear education is already well-known fact, and history has proved that. However, it is also true that there are young people who either give up studying or are forced to work by economic reasons. At this time, I founded the "Incorporated foundation Okuda ikueikai" here in Wakayama prefecture where I had been educated consistently since I entered elementary school. Though a very poor help but if it helps foster talented people who live in my home town, It is a modest one that should be rewarded the many offers that I received, and I am truly happy. It is a matter of longing that I can contribute even a little to the education promotion of Wakayama prefecture and the development of society. Humbly thank you for your understanding and support in regard to this purpose.

November 26th, 1991

General Manager:Koki Okuda

Profile of the General Manager

June 1966
President, Maruei Keisan Center
December 1974
President, Kansai Maruei Keisan Center
June 1975
President, Wakayama Maruei Keisan Center
November 1978
President, Input Laboratory
January 1982
President, Gunma Maruei Keisan Center
April 1982
President, Mari Tech
June 1984
Permanent General Manager, Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association
June 1985
President, transcosmos inc.
May 1997
President, J-Stream Inc.
June 1998
General Manager & President, transcosmos inc.
December 1999
President, E Ventures
September 2002
Chairman & Group CEO, transcosmos inc.
June 2003
transcosmos inc. Group CEO & Founder (Current)